What We Do

Our products and services

To achieve our mission, we draw on an integrated suite of products and services built out of our work with leaders, organizations, and networks across sectors and around the globe.

hand_iconOur products
Our products help leaders take stock of their leadership and their culture relative to their aspirations and challenges, while catalyzing, motivating, and setting the direction of change.

  • Culture Survey

    SAMPLE RESULTS: Culture Survey

    Culture Survey: This survey asks people to assess themselves and other members of their culture along two dimensions: performance (to do well today) and learning (to do well today and tomorrow). Survey results, like those at right, help people see how they all contribute to cultural patterns that harm performance and learning, so they stop blaming each other and start helping each other create the kind of culture they all want.

  • Action-360: This exercise asks leaders to self-assess their assets and liabilities relative to their aspirations and challenges, to test these self-assessments with each other based on their observations, and devise learning partnerships aimed at helping one another develop while working. This makes their leadership and their relationships more discussable and their development a common cause.
  • ​Mapping Patterns: We use archetypes and templates to help leaders identify and map any patterns within their team, organization, or network that undermine their ability to accelerate growth and expand impact.
  • Team ADAPT: We use a focused survey to assess team behavior and its impact on a team’s ability to make progress and drive toward greater impact, while learning, growing, and innovating together as a team.

hand_iconOur services
Our services help leaders target and transform those capabilities and relationships that most affect the quality of their innovation, the pace of their growth and the extent of their impact. Once transformed, these capabilities and relationships in turn transform the cultures people together create.

  • Mentoring: Our mentors are seasoned, leading innovators who know what it takes to grow new ideas and create widespread impact, sometimes against all odds. They draw on decades of leadership experience and LTR expertise to help emergent leaders grapple with their most difficult dilemmas and challenges, so they can grow themselves and their endeavors more quickly and wisely.

    Relationship Pattern

    TEMPLATE:  A Relationship Pattern

  • Coaching: Trained and experienced in the LTR approach, all of our coaches observe and help leaders while they’re working together on their toughest challenges. Together they can spot and transform any patterns in their relationships, teams, organizations, or networks that inhibit the learning, innovation, and growth needed to expand their impact.
  • Facilitating: Our facilitators draw on what we call the FREE Model to help leaders make progress on their toughest challenges while strengthening or transforming both their capabilities and their relationships.
FREE Continuum

The FREE Model

Assessing our impact

We work in collaboration with leaders and teams to:

  • Define the outcomes they wish to achieve;
  • Identify the capabilities and relationships needed to achieve those outcomes;
  • Specify the handful of metrics that best allow us to see, assess, and improve upon our progress;
  • Collect data on our progress, drawing on observations, interviews, and surveys;
  • Map and alter patterns that thwart desired outcomes;
  • Track and assess changes in patterns in light of metrics and outcomes specified at the outset;
  • Revise and improve based on the above.


What leaders say

In over 20 twenty years, this work is one of a very few that has catalyzed my growth as a leader. The impact of this work on our team has been equally powerful, helping me and my colleagues focus on those relationships and behaviors that were affecting our ability to drive change at key points in our organization’s history.
COO, Charter School

This approach gave us a safe space to work through our most challenging issues, to define a common path forward, and then speak with one voice to the broader leadership team.
President, National Youth Organization

This work has been extraordinary. And I cannot be more clear about one thing: this is not ‘soft’ stuff. This is among the most intense work I have ever done, and as a result so very productive.
CEO, Charter School

I always thought about leadership as exhibiting a list of qualities you’d find in a textbook. This work helped me see that I needed to become more fully myself—especially in relationship to others—and that has forever changed me as a leader.
Senior Leader, Philanthropic Organization